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Rolling Block Rifle

Remington rolling block military rifle pistol grip trigger guard 1866 - 1896


Vintage Remington Rolling Block Rifle Stock - Low Serial Number 1763


Rolling Block Rifle Stock Unfinished


Remington Rolling Block #6 Buttstock Rifle Rear Stock 22 Caliber Cheap


Vintage Remington rolling block tapered Tang Screw for full size military rifles


NOS Remington #6 Stock Bolt Vintage Rolling Block Rifle Part


Vintage Tang Peep Sight #  no. 6 Remington model 6 Falling rolling Block Rifle  


Remington Military Rolling Block rifle action Screw Set 1866 - 1870


Nice Complete Original No 5 Model Remington Rolling Block Rifle Buttstock Ass'y


Remington Rolling Block Model 4 #4 .32 RF Buttplate and Screws


Remington rolling block New York State rifle Cleaning Rod .50-70 Govt cartridge


RARE Springfield 1871 Large Frame Rolling Block Rifle Breech Block


Remington military rolling block rifle screw set 1868 Swede locking screw type


Remington #4 Rolling Block Walnut Stock W/Butt Plate Original Vintage Rifle Part


Small Creedmoor Tang Sight With Rolling Block


Remington Rolling Block No. 1 Rifle Drawings!!


Remington large action No.1 rolling block barrel in cal.43 Egyptian.,nice bore


Remington Model 4 #4 Rolling Block Rifle .32 Caliber Extractor


Original military Rolling Block rifle 1889 Swede Cleaning Rod 8mm 8x58R


Remington rolling block military rifle cleaning rod 1867 Dane


T Handle Spanner wrench Remington rolling block rifle bayonet screw


Remington Rolling Block Number Four Stock Set, Buttstock, Forearm, Gunstock, #4


NOS Remington #4 Rolling Block Takedown Lever Vintage Rifle Part


Remington #4 Model 4 Rolling Block .32RF Extractor Vintage Rifle Part


Remington Rolling Block #6 Single Shot Rifle Hammer


Pieper Rolling Block Hammer W/Pin Vintage Rifle Parts


NOS Unfinished Large Frame Remington Rolling Block Hammer


Remington #4 Rolling Block Trigger W/Pin 22/25/32 Caliber Vintage Rifle Parts


Large Creedmoor Tang Sight With Rolling Block


RARE! FACTORY ORIGINAL! Remington Rolling Block # 6 Rear Peep Tang Sight


Remington #4 Rolling Block Trigger & Pin + Receiver Screws For .32RF Cal. 


NOS Remington #6 Breech Block Case Colored W/Pin Vintage 22 RF Rolling Block


Taylor's Creedmore peep folding tang sight short Range sharps rolling block


Remington #6 Trigger W/Pin Very Good Vintage Rolling Block Rifle Parts




Pedersoli Rolling Block 45/70 Pivot Pin (PL 55-D)


Remington Rolling Block #4 No. 4 Parts Receiever Dummy Screw Plug




Pedersoli Rolling Block 45/70 Guard Screw (PL 55-F)


rolling block carbine forend. Allso has the barrol band still on it.


D Pedersoli Replacment eye piece Creedmore Sharps Rolling Block etc


Pedersoli Rolling Block 45/70 Guard Screw (PL 55-E)


1955 REMINGTON Model 1901 Rolling Block Rifle AD Small Partial-page CLIPPING


Military Remington Rolling Block Rifle, 4th Edition Collector REFERENCE


Rolling Block Trapdoor Springfield M1865 1st Extractor Ratchet Stop Spring